The first book I wrote was banned from my elementary school library. The librarian was super nice about it, but it turns out that some children just don’t enjoy stories in which lions grab firearms and shoot down humans. (Or, maybe the case was adults not wanting kids to read about lions with rifles.) At any rate, the result was the same: my masterpiece was rejected but LADYBUG GOES TO SCHOOL by a know-it-all third grader made it to the shelf.

But, honestly, what writer’s career does NOT begin with rejection!

I am an avid eavesdropper and incurable, unapologetic introvert. Which sounds creepier than it is.

I write EVERYWHERE. My worst nightmare is to be stuck somewhere without a pen. Which is why I hoard pens. So if your pen is missing, I might’ve snagged it.

Write-Revise-Repeat is my completely inefficient strategy. I am obsessed with perfectly-crafted sentences… which means I take forever to respond to emails. So, if you try to contact me and don’t hear back right away, it’s just that I fear the ugliness of spontaneous prose.

My middle grade novel DILLON AND THE ALIEN INVASION is not at all like OUTSHINE. It’s funny and no one dies. (Okay, maybe in the very first draft there was some death but now it’s all peachy keen.) I’m looking for an agent for that one, as well as for the “gun-toting lions” story previously mentioned. Hey, it deserves a chance! It’s a picture book tentatively titled, SLAUGHTER IN PRIMROSE FOREST.

My current work in progress (contemporary YA) is very dark indeed. And, though people ask about the futures of the characters in OUTSHINE, I won’t tell, because what happens next is very, very sad.