It’s All In My Head

I think most writers are like me—putting words together in wonderful (or terrible) ways ALL THE TIME. When I’m lucky, I have a laptop or pencil at hand, but most of the time, like a bad case of schizophrenia, it’s all in my head. Whether I’m composing scenes in the shower, strengthening plotlines in the car or daydreaming at dinner, I’m manipulating words.

And, of course, as elusive as a hummingbird, those words vanish the moment I try to trap them down on paper. Get a pen in my hand and that great scene I just worked up in the shower goes right down the drain. My early morning musing fades into half-remembered verbs when the sun gets higher. And the masterpiece I mull over on my morning commute just speeds away when I open my laptop.

(Really, you should’ve heard this blog post before I wrote it down! It was amazing!)

I have to think it’s all worth it though. I’ve read that the brain doesn’t know the different between something it imagines and something it experiences physically. All that time I spend imagining words and scenes must help me come up with better stuff when I’ve actually got my laptop open. Right?

My husband NEVER writes in his head. He says he’s not sure how to even do that. What about you? Do you write in your head?  Or do you need paper?

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