When Does It Ever End??!?

Years ago, when I first started writing books, I believed I could “finish” a manuscript…

What a naïve fool I was. (more…)

A Space For Writing

“If you could have any type of space in the world for writing, what would it look like?” my husband recently asked me. I was immediately giddy. My husband is an architect. My mind raced to extreme speculation: maybe he was planning to design a special space for ME!

But, before I could spend more than a minute in that heady realm of hope, my boring ol’ Virgo logic annihilated my excitement. My husband might be an award-winning architect BUT he’s also a dude who took a Sawzall to our kitchen two years ago and has not yet repaired the damage. (more…)

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It’s All In My Head

I think most writers are like me—putting words together in wonderful (or terrible) ways ALL THE TIME. When I’m lucky, I have a laptop or pencil at hand, but most of the time, like a bad case of schizophrenia, it’s all in my head. Whether I’m composing scenes in the shower, strengthening plotlines in the car or daydreaming at dinner, I’m manipulating words.