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Blog Tour Dates!

OUTSHINE is hitting the blog circuit this month and here is the schedule. To celebrate, I’ll be hosting some giveaways of books and swag, so check my twitter feed later this week for more info! August 3rd Aisha Reads Books  August 3rd Book Ramblings of a Whimsical Reader August 4th The Book Adventures of Emily August 6th Words With Sarah August 8th […]

When Does It Ever End??!?

Years ago, when I first started writing books, I believed I could “finish” a manuscript… What a naïve fool I was.

A Space For Writing

“If you could have any type of space in the world for writing, what would it look like?” my husband recently asked me. I was immediately giddy. My husband is an architect. My mind raced to extreme speculation: maybe he was planning to design a special space for ME! But, before I could spend more […]

Goodreads Outshine Giveaway!

Goodreads Book Giveaway Outshine by Nola Decker Giveaway ends June 16, 2014. See the giveaway details at Goodreads. Enter to win

It’s All In My Head

I think most writers are like me—putting words together in wonderful (or terrible) ways ALL THE TIME. When I’m lucky, I have a laptop or pencil at hand, but most of the time, like a bad case of schizophrenia, it’s all in my head. Whether I’m composing scenes in the shower, strengthening plotlines in the […]